Exhibitor Registration

Exhibit Regulation * Please note that the Exhibition Regulation is subject to change.

I. Definition of terms

  • 1. "DX KOREA 2024" refers to Defense Expo Korea 2024.
  • 2. "Exhibitor" refers to the participating company (or organization, association, etc.) who has submitted the registration form and registration fee.
  • 3. "Organizer" refers to "Defense Expo Corp." which functions as exhibition management within DX KOREA Organizing Committee.

II. Registration Fee

  • 1. Registration Fee refers to the cost of participating in DX KOREA, as described on the registration form.
    *additional 10% VAT applies to Korean companies and International Companies registering from branch office in Korea

III. Registration

  • 1. Companies wishing to exhibit in DX KOREA 2024 must submit registration form and pay deposit (following payment schedule below).
  • 2. Registration Schedule
Type Deposit Intermediate Remaining
Early Bird 10% ~by Dec/31/2023 40% ~by Jan/31/2024 50%
~by May/31/2024
Regular 50% Upon submitting registration (within 2 weeks)

IV. Exhibition Area & Booth Allocation

  • 1. The exhibitor may re-size the booth or cancel the participation of exhibition after making registration.
  • 2. In the event of exhibitor wishing to reduce the size of booth or cancel their participation at DX KOREA, the exhibitor will be liable for part or all of the cost in the contract in accordance with the following chart:
  • 3. Only items suitable for DX KOREA may be exhibited. Organizer may request items not suitable for DX KOREA be removed.
  • 4. Exhibitor may not trade or lend neither portion nor full contracted space to the third party.
  • 5. Not allowed to carry out the exhibit items during exhibition period. (Sep. 4th(Wed) ~ 7th(Sat). 2024)
  • 6. Early-Bird rate does not apply to Outdoor Exhibition and Charlet.
  • 7. The authority of Schell Scheme design belong to organizer, exhibitor can not change the panels design, only allowed to interior.

V. Cancellation of Exhibit Registration

  • 1. The exhibitor may reduce the size of booth or cancel the participation of exhibition after registration.
  • 2. In the event of the exhibitor requesting to reduce the size of booth or cancel participation of the exhibition, the exhibitor will be liable for all or part of the cost stated in the contract in accordance with the following scale:
Date of contract Change/ Cancellation Change/cancellation Fee
Before May/31/2024 80% of Contracted Amount (20% Refunded)
After June/1/2024 100% of Contracted Amount (No Refund)

VI. Force Majeure

  • 1. Due to unavoidable force majeure situation (National disasters, National emergency, War, Disease, etc), The Organizer may cancel, reschedule, or change the period of exhibition. Exhibitors may not request for refund due to situation caused by force majeure.
  • 2. The exhibitor may cancel participation of the exhibition and not be liable for a cancellation charge if the organizer cancels the exhibition without sufficient cause.

VII. Supplementary Regulation & Resolution of Conflict

1. If a conflict arises from situations not stated on this regulation or exhibition regulation (KINTEX Regulation), the organizer and the exhibitor will resolve the conflict through Good Faith Law. If an agreement is not made, organizer and exhibitor will follow the decision by The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul.