Why Exhibit

is a defense industry exhibition that must be visited by military officials and those working in the defense industry. It has become Asia’s best defense exchange platform certified by domestic and international organizations.

presents various defense products and technologies such as weapon systems, power support systems, manned and unmanned systems, anti-terrorism and security systems to identify the latest industrial trends, and provides the best business environment for networking with domestic and international military officials as well as industry specialists.

Why Exhibit?

Strengthening external competitiveness of domestic defense companies and creating conditions for expanding defense exports
Defense & Security Expo Korea provides the best marketing opportunities as well as participation in international exhibitions by inviting not only the officials of major domestic acquisition agencies but also the defense minister/Chief of staff/President of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration in person but also VIPs from countries subject to overseas exports that are difficult to meet face-to-face.
Providing opportunities for technology exchange and cooperation between domestic and international companies
Defense & Security Expo Korea is the representative ground weapons defense industry business meeting place in Korea, encompassing the entire defense industry from weapon system to defense-related services. This is the optimal defense platform for collaboration in various forms, including mutual information exchange and technology and business partnerships, as well as participating companies, industry workers and acquisition officials visiting the exhibition.