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Privacy Policy

DX KOREA Organizing committee is committed to respecting the privacy of users and providing a safe, secure user experience in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies and Basic Guidelines on Personal Information Protection by Public Agencies. This Privacy Statement sets forth the usage policies and practices that apply to the following web sites operated by DX KOREA, and all of the DX KOREA web sites will be subject to the privacy polices mentioned in this statement, unless otherwise indicated.

Personal Information & Purpose

  • A) DX KOREA organizing committee uses the collected personal information for the following : 
    To verify identity of the user to use the service To provide service :
    To provide information on attending exhibition and events related to DX KOREA

Personal information collected & Method of collecting information

  • A) DX KOREA organizing committee collected necessary personal information through website to provide service and the user may choose freely on which information they would provide.
    Mandatory Field : Name, Company, Department, Position, Address, Email Address, Mobile Phone Number
    Optional Field : Phone number, Fax number, website address
  • B) User may agree to provide personal information to DX KOREA by clicking on “I agree” button.

Personal information storage period & usage period

  • A) The personal information provided to DX KOREA organizingcommittee to use the service is stored used only by DX KOREA organizing committee.
  • B) Under the following, stored personal information is permanently erased. 
    The user no longer wishes to use the service or has been revoked of status as a user If the service purpose has completed
  • C) Aside from the policy described above, for the purposes sales law, online transaction regulation and other related regulation, information as deemed necessary to be saved may continuously be saved in order to settle lawful dispute.