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Company Description

NINANO COMPANY INC. is a start-up that develops unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Based on our experience and knowledge in the aviation and ship fields, we have secured our own design technology and design a whole vehicle including propeller and airframe. We are preparing to expand to the global market by developing a tail-sittery type VTOL UAV. Based on these technologies and experiences, we are leading the market through R&D of core technologies related to unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the development of heavy-lift unmanned aerial vehicles and low-noise thrusters for UAM. In addition to developing the aircraft, we are participating in various logistics and transportation demonstration projects based on our abundant aircraft operation experience.

Exhibit (Product) Description

The unmanned aerial vehicle-based combat support system is a system composed of a plurality of fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, and a mobile or fixed ground control station. Using a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle capable of long flight, it performs surveillance and reconnaissance missions within a range of 30 km to identify the enemy's location, and uses an offensive drone to drop bombs or perform a direct strike attack. Supports rapid air replenishment through logistics munitions transport when necessary. Based on automatic flight and high mobility that can be supported by a single vehicle, it is possible to minimize operational manpower, time, and cost and maximize mission performance capability.

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