Events & Programs


    Exhibitor’s New Product or New Technology Introducing Program
    Date : September. 21 (WED) ~ 23 (FRI)
    Location : PITCH DAY Center (Hall 7)

    Date Time Company Topic Subtitle
    14:30~15:00 Thales Defense Mission Systems THALES Pathmaster, Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Countering an increasingly effective mine threat with Unmanned Mine Counter Measures
    15:30~16:00 Thales Defense Mission Systems THALES SonoFlash, New Generation ASW Sonobuoy A major step forward in submarine hunting technology
    10:00~10:30 CHANG MIN TECHRON Co., Ltd Improved, energy effiency planar heating system A planar heating system woven with 
      stainless steel wire with excellent heat
      distribution and energy efficiency
    11:00~11:30 Juyoung Industrial Co., Ltd. CARC – Chemical Agent Resistance Coating System Special functional camouflage paint technology that exhibits excellent detoxification performance during chemical warfare
    12:30~13:00 YOUNG POONG ELECTRONIC Co. Ltd. Fusion Image Display Technique Multi Sensor Image Fusion System
    13:30~14:00 Raytheon Intelligence & Space High Energy Laser – Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems HELWS provides customers
     a cost-effective solution to for both kinetic and non-kinetic defeats unmanned aerial systems
    14:30~15:00 SS TECHNOLOGY INC.
    & Alpha Trade INC.
    AI based Infrared Search&Tracking surveillance system AI based full detection IR surveillance system for extremely wide area(360°) allow no exceptions
    15:30~16:00 Tron Future Tech Ltd. Portable low-cost 4D radar for asymmetric warfare T.Radar Pro is a state-of-art 4D AESA radar: foldable, 15kg, 0.01m2 RCS detection at 5km
    10:00~10:30 SANJU OPTICAL Finally Auto Focus System is on Military Binoculars! Quickly and Convenience Observation by anyone with AUTO FOCUS
    11:00~11:30 Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG New Riflescopes-Fire Control by Augmented Reality Overview of requirements, latest developments and technologies. State of the Art by AR in optics
    12:30~13:00 Survitec Group Limited (SGL) Aviation Survival Technology & Urban Training Shoothouse AirPEX Warrior
    (New-Gen Life Preserver for LAH/MAH)
    & IWTS (Innovative Urban Training for Land Forces)
    13:30~14:00 Raytheon Intelligence & Space ISTAR-Korea Multi-Intelligence & Net-Centric capability for Korea ISTAR-K provides a real-time
    multi-intelligence capability that enables the ROK to get “left of launch” to combat the threat.
    14:30~15:00 ICEYE WORLD-LEADING SAR CONSTELLATION FOR KOREA The Worlds' Only Proven High-Performance New Space SAR
    Satellites from ICEYE
    15:30~16:00 AeroVironment, Inc MULTI DOMAIN OPERATION FOR THE FUTURE ARMY Introduce small UAS RQ-20 Puma3 AE, Tactical Missile System Switchblade