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    Korea, South

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    719-33, Sangnam-ro, Sangnam-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea HANKUK FIBER

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Company Description

HANKUK FIBER independently developed glass fibers, leading to the popularization of glass fibers in Korea. Based on glass fiber and carbon fiber, HANKUK FIBER operates various industries such as the defense industry, aerospace industry, glass fiber pipe, railway vehicle, and exterior materials. Following the government's Green New Deal policy, HANKUK FIBER attempts to proceed to hydrogen storage tank and the wind power industry. HANKUK FIBER would like to be the :Best composite materials industry" under the value of "The customer is first. " In addition to products and technologies, HANKUK FIBER will provide the best solution beyond the customer's expectations.

Exhibit (Product) Description

AM(Rolling Airframe Missile) Launch Tube
Integrated small air vehicle
Next Corps UAV Airframe Structure
Raybolt Launch Tube
Raybolt Composite Housing
Composite housing and Radome of 3D Surveillance Radar for FFX
Composite housing and Radome of Weapon Locating Ra
Large Cylinder Shape Lattice Structure
Guided Weapon Radome( Dome / Cone / Vonkarman)
Milltary Satellite Communication System-II, Shipboard Radome/Pedestal
Cheiron(Combusion-tube & Nozzle)
Circular Needle Punching Preform
K-SAM Pegasus(Nozzle)
Anti-ship Cruise Missile(HAESEONG)
AT-1K Raybolt(Nozzle)

Exhibited Product Image