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Title DX Korea 2020, Inauguration of Chairman Yong-woo Kim
Date 2020.06.15 Hit 1047
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DX Korea 2020 organized a new promotion committee centered on Chairman Young-woo Kim of the promotion committee.


The DX Korea Promotion Committee is a promotion organization that handles current issues with various related organizations in order to substantially prepare for the event in a variety of ways. In addition to Chairman Yong-woo Kim of the Promotion Committee, Chairman of Advisory Committee Kim Young-hoo who has served as vice chairman of Korea Defense Industry Association (Lieutenant General(R)), Vice Chairman Yoo Moo-bong (Major General (R) / former Assistant Chief of Staff for A-5) and the member of the committee Heon-soo Kim (Major General(R) / former Director General, Military Force Policy Bureau, Ministry of National Defense) etc., are working together to successfully host DX Korea 2020, Asia's best defense exhibition platform.


The promotion committee has held meetings on the 1st (October 22, 2019), the 2nd (December 27, 2019), and the 3rd (January 30, 2020) to devise a plan to further expand the achievements and have focused discussions on various issues. In particular, Chairman Yong-woo Kim suggested the introduction of the “Docent program” as part of the expansion of business performance of participating companies. The 'Docent Program' is a business program that guides key defense buyers of military and public sectors, including potential buyers including major VIPs at home and abroad, to more accurately view and interact with participating companies.


The 4th meeting of the Promotion Committee, scheduled in mid-April, includes all defense-related organizations including the Ministry of National Defense, the Army Headquarters TF, the Army Training and Doctrine Command, and the Force Support System Project Agency, as well as the Korea Defense Industry Promotion Association and Kodits (KOTRA) and plans to build a cooperative-support system in-depth.



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