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Company Description

As a company that researches, develops and manufactures various industrial drones, we are researching and developing forward-looking drones. the vertical take-off and landing drone using a liquid hydrogen fuel cell as a power source currently under development is an eco-friendly and long-lasting drone. We have a goal of advancing into the UAM/AAM business by securing basic research and flight data with the drone. We will continue to lead the global mobility market by creating an eco-friendly and future-oriented company.

Exhibit (Product) Description

1. DOS Eye 2
The dual camera (EO/IR) mounted on the drone is useful for day and night search and reconnaissance. My drone is Participated in the drone demonstration project of Gyeonggi Province and drone demonstration project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and are currently being used to search for wild boars now.
2. Libelula
It means ‘dragonfly’ in Spanish, and it is a drone product planned and designed by Assetta. It is designed to be with flight stability and various mission equipment , and is being used for environmental monitoring by installing a multi-spectral sensor.
3. Liquid hydrogen VTOL
It is a vertical take-off and landing drone that uses a liquid hydrogen fuel cell as a power source, can fly more than 12 hours, and is used for forest fire monitoring etc.

Exhibited Product Image