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    Korea, South

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    111, Palgokdure-gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Nurion

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Company Description

Nurion Co., Ltd. uses IOT technology and convergence security technology to create future value, helping to make the world more beautiful and safe, and securing stability through various certifications. Nurion Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to satisfy customers' needs through various research and steady development. We are constantly researching and developing to meet the diverse needs of our customers.We promise to do our best to become Nurion Co., Ltd. that we make with our customers, and we ask for your support.

Exhibit (Product) Description

- Maneuvering video transmission equipment
1. Establishment of cryptographic transmission and reception system for video, voice, and GPS information considering various field situations
2. Establish a system that allows you to choose one-way or two-way communication based on your operational situation
3. Send and receive KCMVP encryption between the site and the command and control office

- Drone, Base Boundary Robot
1. Location tracking equipment
2. Record and transmit real-time flight information
3. Check service history using location information
4. More than happens during a flight situation and coordination, information analysis
5. Final position according to the crash during the flight and emergency transfer position

Protection of information not classified as confidential

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