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AAM Co., Ltd

Company Description

AAM Co., Ltd. is a total solution provider of applied additive manufacturing in Korea, Partnering with the global leader in Additive Manufacturing sector, Stratasys.

Exhibit (Product) Description

The industrial 3D printer of STRATASYS, a global leading company provided by Double AM Co., Ltd., can be used in various fields.
We offer a variety of models using five different methods : FDM, POLYJET, SAF, SL(SLA), and P3(DLP)
We can make prototype in R&D stage, manufacture tools, jigs and fixtures that are used in the production and assembly stages, as well as the level of products that can finally be used as actual parts.
From plastic containing CARBON to high-strength engineering plastics such as PA and ULTEM, or a wide range of materials such as high heat-resistance or flame-retardant materials can be selected to produce and utilize products with desired physical properties.

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