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Hanwha Corporation

Company Description

Established as the first Hanwha entity under the founding philosophy of 'contributing to the nation and society', Hanwha Corporation has realigned its business operations to focus on global, defense, and machinery, striving to become a world-leading global company that promotes the development of humanity and advances human values.

Exhibit (Product) Description

- It is known that it is contributing to the history of the Korean space project by participating in the KSLV organized by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, including the Naro satellite propulsion system, and introduces Hanwha's unique heritage
- Introducing the project of LAH air-to-ground guided missile 'TAipers' and displaying the guided missile, projectile, and ground launcher
- Display of navigation system, and terrain control system by technical field
- Promoting unrivaled location and capabilities in laser fields such as small weapon system and so on

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