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Hanlym Puritech Co,.ltd

Company Description

Hanlym Puritech Co., Ltd is a company that looks at the vision and realizes it. Based on sincerity and trust, we are always focused on the responsive and prompt feedback which is committed to increasing the value of our enterprise, product accuracy for the best quality of the system. As a company which has own proven SMT manufacturing infrastructure and cable harness line, could be as OEM boards production of Silver Technology in the U.S. with solid faith as a partner in South Korea. We will continue to contribute to the development of wireless communication technology based on improved technology and services.

Exhibit (Product) Description

Range. Robustness. Throughput. Other communications manufacturers can check one or two of these boxes. Silvus Technologies consistently delivers all three.
Increasingly challenging real-world usage requirements are driving the need for long-range, mobile and non-line of-sight communications that can transmit a greater volume of HD video, voice and telemetry data than ever before. Silvus’ MN-MIMO wireless technology is the answer.
In 2011, 7 years of R&D culminated in the release of the world’s first ever tactical MIMO radio. As our technology continues to evolve, we are not just developing smarter products ? we are transitioning communications breakthroughs into cutting-edge systems for the benefit of government and commercial users alike.

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