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Hanwha Defense

Company Description

Hanwha is No 1 defense company in South Korea and 28th in the world. Hanwha's Defense Business has contributed significantly to improving South Korea's military defense capabilities. We have successfully developed and produced various types of weapon systems in the area of PGM & Ammunition and Land Systems. With unsparing investment and R&D efforts, Hanwha is continuously expanding its portfolio to become a sustainable and trustworthy leader in the global defense industry. We provide total convergence land systems solutions including artillery, armored vehicles and air defense systems. It boasts the world's highest level range and fire rapidity. We contribute to develop smart and intelligent ammunition as well as to improve the performance of conventional ammunition.

Exhibit (Product) Description

K9 Self-propelled Howitzer a high level of firepower with its long shooting range and rapid firing speed. An improved variant of the K9, the K9A1 is in production with key improvements for operations, such as an automatic fire control system, driver night vision periscope and auxiliary power system. The K9 has been exported to several countries.
REDBACK infantry fighting vehicle is equipped with the world's best protection systems, including configurable armor, laser warning and active protection devices, and enhanced sensors. With proven powertrain, innovative in-arm suspension, and a durable rubber track, the REDBACK ensures superior battlefield mobility in its class.

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