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Hanwha Systems

Company Description

Hanwha Systems is a global total solutions company offerring world’s top class defense electronics products. Now Hanwha Systems is expanding and strengthening SI business capabilities for public infrastructure and private security business areas. Also by combining the advanced defense technology and ICT capabilities accumulated over the years, we providing customized solutions in various business areas such as Urban Air Mobility (UAM), low-orbit satellite communication, techfin, and future smart ICT. Our ultimate goal is to provide hyper-intelligence, hyper-connectivity, and super-convergence technologies that can safely and seamlessly connect the mankind without any boundaries not only in the physical space world but also in the digital space.

Exhibit (Product) Description

The displayed mockup is small SAR satellite of small constellation satellite system is designed to have the main body and payload in an integrated shape, with lighter weight, and efficiently secured the space for the launch vehicle. In the center of the booth, Butterfly is an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft(eVTOL) designed to be a long-term workhorse for urban air mobility ridesharing. It can develop military tiltrotor aircraft since eVTOL’s features including vertical takeoff and landing, low-noise and high mobility can be utilized in the defense area for various purposes such as transport of personnel and goods, arming and offense operations, surveillance. You can also check information on three types of multi-function radars that contain Hanwha Systems' technology.

Exhibited Product Image