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Company Description

Naviworks Co., Ltd. is a virtual training IT professional company. As a eXtended Reality(XR) -based comprehensive simulation and intelligent control expert, Naviworks has been building virtual training systems in the field of defense such as aviation tactical training, CBRN reconnaissance simulator and naval combat system verification simulator. Naviworks is also building realistic virtual training centers of Police Agency and the National Fire Agency. In addition, Naviworks is leading the localization of military command and control system software, advancement of intelligent control systems, and standardization of digital battlefields by supplying platform that effectively display/analyze actual battlefield conditions.

Exhibit (Product) Description

- An immersive training service platform based on the five senses that configures modular software and hardware such as Lego blocks to suit the training situation
- Create AI training scenarios, conduct XR-based training, automate after-action review and provide analysis
- Korea's leading virtual training platform capable of national defense, public, special operations etc.
Direct C4I
- The digital cutting-edge display platform for tactical screens and situation maps.
- Provides components for situation map development applicable to real-time combat systems, GIS-based situation control, integrated tactical information management, weapon system SW, 2D/3D situation map, and map data streaming service
- easy integration, development period reduced and cost-effective

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