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ace antenna

Company Description

ACE Antenna's defense business is based on accumulated wireless communication technology. We provide optimized and customized solutions that customers can trust in business areas such as military communications antennas, satellite antennas, RF Module & Systems, and RADARS. In particular, in the field of military command and control, surveillance and reconnaissance, satellite communication, and radar equipment, we are contributing Korea defense industry to be growing into a world-class military powerhouse through our various antenna & RF System design and distinctive manufacturing technologies.

Exhibit (Product) Description

1.Anti-jamming GPS antenna
All of the equipment that uses navigation systems like GPS(Global Positioning System), GLONASS(GLObal NAvigation Satellite System), and so on, are lost when they're attacked by radio jamming. Anti-jamming system is the technology to overcome radio disturbances. Currently, anti-jamming technology is applied in various weapon systems such as aircrafts, ground equipment, and guided missiles. Our company has developed and is currently producing anti-jamming antennas such as 4, 8, and 16 array used in anti-jamming systems
2. ELM-2112FP
ELM-2112FP is an innovative advanced high-resolution foliage penetrating radar with unique and outstanding capabilities. Featuring simultaneous multi-beam technology, it provides persistent surveillance in foliage and instantaneous

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