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Company Description

Halder-Roemheld Korea imports defense parts from Germany and sells them in Korea, and typically supplies clamps, ball lock pins, and special hammers to KAI, Hanwha Techwin, Korea Navy, and SNT Motiv. With the technology that has been maintained for nearly 100 years, it currently has a high market dominance in Europe, and is receiving lots of inquiries from many defense companies according to the upward leveling of product quality around the world. You can see the actual product at DX KOREA 2022, and if you want a product sample, the sale sperson can bring it directly.

Exhibit (Product) Description

- Halder ball lock pins and aviation pins are used for fastening between parts and fixing products among defense parts. Currently, it is installed and used in naval aircraft, machine guns, and anti-aircraft guns.
- Halder spring plungers can be used in all parts necessary for positioning and have various sizes and materials.
- Halder manual jigs guarantee very high working efficiency in the working environment where hydraulic pressure is not used.
- Halder hammer has various options such as non-reciprocating and assembleable inserts, and it protects the user and the mother material during work.

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