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Company Description

Nexreal, Inc. is a venture company specializing in real-time embedded computer vision system solutions. After embedding its own visual artificial intelligence (video analytics, machine learning, deep learning) application platform and framework into a commercial Vision SoC, it provides a customized real-time object detection, (re-)identification, tracking related inference engine and applications. Nexreal's inference engine and applications are provided in three solution types : camera integrated type (AI@Camera), gateway equipment type (AI@Edge), or back-end server type (AI@Server).

Exhibit (Product) Description

[Product #1 : AI Video Analysis S/W for GPU Server(Vision AI@Server)]
Vision AI@Server is an intelligent video analysis software incorporating Nexreal's computer vision (video analysis, machine learning, deep learning) technology.
It operates based on Windows MFC or Linux in the NVIDIA GPU environment and processes up to 16 channels in real time, and supports RGB/SWIR/LWIR video processing.

[Product #2 : AI Video Analysis Edge Box(Vision AI@Edge)]
Vision AI@Edge is a product to which Nexreal's embedded Vision AI platform technology is applied.
It receives RTSP or HDMI(or Analog) video streams, performs AI tasks such as AI-based object detection, tracking, and identification, and transmits metadata, with original image or video, to a cloud server.

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