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Title Invitation to the VIPs from 52 countries in first round!
Date 2020.06.15 Hit 875
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The Organizing Committee of DX Korea invites key defense buyers directly, including the Army chief of staff of the defense-exporting countries and the decision maker to purchase that participants hope to meet, at each event, in order to provide practical conditions for expansion of defense exports through creation of business performance.


In 2018, invitation letters were sent to 51 countries and 132 foreign delegates from 31 countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Kazakhstan, and Hungary visited Korea. Overseas invited VIPs resided in the exhibition hall and met with domestic and foreign defense companies, carrying out active business meetings.


Previously invitees were limited to the army and ground forces through the Army Headquarters, but from the 2020 event, the invitation will be sent to the Minister of Defense, the Army Chief of Staff and Defense Acquisition Program Administrator. In November 2019, an invitation letter was sent to the head of the Army Chief of Staff of the 48 countries and Defense Acquisition Program Administrator of four countries through the first demand survey. In March, it completed demand survey on the countries with invitation requests in addition to the first invited countries. The result will be reflected in the list of invitees for the second round of invitation delivery.


As there have been continuous inquiries about participation of VIPs from Defense Attache group in Korea despite the aftermath of COVID-19, overseas invitation of DX Korea 2020 has been smoothly operated as planned. The Organizing Committee will create substantial outcome to defense business of participating companies by supporting the meeting between participating companies and buyers with the invited minister of defense, Army Chief of Staff, Chief of Defence Acquisition officer, and online biz-matching system, networking lounges, etc.

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