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Title Enhancing Business Performance
Date 2020.06.15 Hit 936
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DX Korea Organizing Committee will conduct a variety of programs to enhance the business performance of its exhibitors.


Notable among them is that purchasing decision makers of important projects being pursued by domestic and foreign defense companies will be invited from the government level. In addition, DX Korea 2020 is inviting acquisition related officials at Korean government agencies and related organizations to arrange time to explain the plans about the acquisition of weapons systems aimed at by the Korean Armed Force in the future so that practical discussions can be conducted.


In addition, synergies are expected by inviting buyers of defense industry from over 30 countries through KOTRA office around the world and carrying out consultation with domestic and foreign defense companies in the same period and place as DX Korea 2020.


On the other hand, a variety of programs are being planned to expand the business performances of defense companies. For example, a guide trained by the Docent program, will provide various information of domestic and foreign defense companies in advance to ensure vibrant discussions while conducting on-site guide for the acquisition related officials or government officials from the ROK Ministry of National Defense and military forces. Through this, we look forward to practical on-site discussions between the Korean military end-user and defense companies.

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