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Title <Himalaya Forum> for future science and technology sector
Date 2020.06.15 Hit 1160
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On February 14, 2020, the kick-off meeting of the hosted by the DX Korea Promotion Committee (Chairman Yong-woo Kim, the 47th Army Chief of Staff) was successfully held at the Army Hall, with the participation of the Army Headquarters, Army Training and Doctrine Command, Army Future Innovation Center, Defense Aquisition Program administration and defense companies at home and abroad.


The Ministry of National Defense and each military force are making various efforts to become a future military force with advanced science and technology by applying the fourth industrial revolution technologies under the banner of Defense Reform 2.0. Military forces are preparing to leap into the future with the army’s Army TIGER 4.0, the navy's Smart Navy, and the air force's Airforce Quantum 5.0.


aims to play the role of “1.5 Track” which supports exchange and cooperation between related organizations in order to establish a virtuous cycle for demand-acquisition-export in line with the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. A practical conference venue has been prepared, where civil, public, military, industrial, academic sectors, and institutes including government agencies, military, research institutes, and companies, etc., are participating to verify the direction of future military technology that the Korean military forces should pursue and to discuss overseas case studies and advanced technologies.


The forum will be held on a monthly basis with more than 14 topics, including the Warrior Platform, Drone Bot, high maneuver, Advanced Sensors, Maneuver, manned and unmanned vehicles and cyber. The main contents are to compare and analyze the Korean military's directivity and domestic and foreign cases of the combat power development by inviting overseas defense companies with world-class technology in the field. The forum, planned for Friday, May 15th, will have a discussion with focus on Soldier Protection in the field of Warrior Platform, Soldier Sensor, and Weapon System.


Foreign companies participating in the forum are exploring the possibility of direct investment for domestic production and technology transfer for possible production, and are pursuing an MOU or a formal contract at the DX Korea 2020 scheduled on September 16th. Through the Himalayan Forum, it is expected to have the same effect as a transparent and reliable year-round exhibition that supports the government's defense industry export industrialization policy.

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