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Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. MUMT(Manned-Unmanned Teaming) is a operation system of helicopter to enhance survivability, combat awareness and precision strike, based on LAH and UAV(Drone). LAH MUMT has mission capabilities of surveillance, reconnaissance, decoy and strike. Based on the T-50’s superior performance and an armament storing capability, the FA-50 aircraft is further developed and upgraded with Tactical Data Link, Precision Guided Munitions, and Self Protection subsystem. Featuring a fighter jet-class flight performance, the FA-50 aircraft has been deployed and operated in the ROKAF since 2013. The KF-21 is a fighter aircraft developed to retain the operational capability of the ROKAF and satisfy the future operation concept of force battlefield as a multi-role fighter jet.
Korea Aviation Technologies Vertical Take off and landing UAS Easy to move -> portable GCCS and Vehicle moving type GCS Enhanced safety system ? System multiplexing and encryption Fully automated system -> Vertical Take off and landing system Category Performance cruising speed 90 km/h Max . Speed 120 km/h Max. Altitude 5 km TO/LD radius Within 2m radius TO/LD System Vertical Take off and Lading Operational Radius 50 km Endurance Time Over 2hrs Wind Resistance Head wind 54 km/h Deployment time Within 10mins. Muti-Plane Control Two simultaneous controls High reliability Data link duplex
KOREA C.N.O. TECH Co. Ltd. practice hand grenade 40mm practice smoke grenade drone launcher stark launcher double shot launcher flash bang 12gage rubber ball
Korea Conformity Laboratories The large-scale climatic environment chamber at the size of 20m(W) · 15m(D) · 20m(H) can perform tests under -40℃ ~ +65℃ of temperature, (10 ~ 95) % RH of humidity, 55 W/m2 ~ 1 200 W/m2 of solar radiation (intensity of solar radiation), up to 150 mm/h of rainfall (precipitation), and 20 m/s of wind (wind speed). Also, since the respective chamber was accreditated by KOLAS on MIL-STD-810G:2008, MIL-STD-810G:w/Change 2014, MIL-STD-810H:2019, KS C IEC 60068-2-1:2007, KS C IEC 60068-2-2:2007, KS C IEC 60068-2-30:2005, KS C IEC 60068-2-38:2008, it can perform tests according to the relevant standards.
Korea Defense Diplomacy Association o Publishing “International Security Situation Weekly Report” o Organizing Defense Attache Forums o Organizing International Defense Industry Forums o Organizing Youth Leadership Forums o Training dispatching Korean military attaches o Conducting national research projects regarding defense policies, defense industries o Writting serialized columns ““The World is Now, Defense Attache’s Report” in the Defense Daily News o Active as presenters, panelists or columnists regarding international security, defense policies, defense industries on public media o Defense export consulting o Writting research reports and building database on national defense situations, defense policies and defense industry trend in the world o Networking to promote defense diplomacy and defense industry cooperation
Korea Defense Guarantee Cooperative Guarantee Business Cooperative Business
Korea Electro-Optics * Sapphire window : Protection Windows for Visible & NIR/MWIR transmission Precise polishing for large size window * Precision SiC reflector mirror : Silicon carbide (Sic) material * Infrared optics : Night-sight vision and surveillance equipment
KOREA JIG & FIXTURE IND CO,LTD 1. Main structures, Antenna/Transmission shelter, Radar platform of M-SAM Multi Function Radar for Hanwha System. 2. Various structural components of Korean K1, K2, K1A1 Main Battle Tank for Hyundai Rotem 3. Machined parts and assemblies are served for commercial/military aircraft for the customers such as Northrop Grumman, Spirit Aerosystems, Triumph Aerostructures, Elbit Systems, etc. 4. Aerospace tooling and Ground support equipment such as engine installation trailer and EO-TGP Trolley, etc.
KOREAN AIR [KUS-FS] It is a strategic UAV equipped with a high-performance EO/IR camera that can fly at an altitude operated by a civil aircraft and look thoroughly into the center of the enemy. [KUS-FC] It is a stealth UAV developed with shape design and radio wave absorption structure that are not detected. [KUS-LW] It is an UAV that performs missions in formation with manned aircraft, and it can perform its own autonomous duties such as surveillance, electromagnetic disturbance, and attack as well as support and escort. [KUS-FT] It is an UAV that is easy to operate in mountainous terrain and can identify and automatically track targets within the operating radius. [ KUS-HD] It is a high-performance drone with a hybrid thrust system to compensate for the short flight time of the battery drone.
KOREA OPTICAL INDUSTRY AGENCY As the first internationally recognized ophthalmic optical testing laboratory, 28 standards and 135 items have been certified. With a total of 98 equipments of 85 types and excellent professional manpower, it is playing the role of a testing institute that meets the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard.
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