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Jenoptik Korea Laser Range Finder - 3km ~ 40km IR camera Thermal imaging camera
JOOWON INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. - FT-IR Spectrometer Gas quantitative / qualitative analysis equipment in ppm to ppb units using micro gas cells Real-time concentration and trend check, automatic correction of temperature and pressure Scrubber efficiency and catalyst, toxic gases generated during combustion, and impurity analysis of high-purity semiconductor gases -Portable chemical detector (LCD 3.3) A portable detection response device can quickly measure and identify chemical and gaseous chemical agents and toxic substances from chemical accidents and terrorism generators -Cooled thermal zoom camera (JWC M2) Provides a clear thermal image of distant objects through continuous zoom of 15-300mm and 35-690mm lenses -HD fiber optic sensor (ODiSI 6000) Temperature or strain measurement of up to 1,538 points per sensor
JOWO Systemtechnik AG - Electrical connectors - Fiber optic connectors (expanded beam / physical contacts) - Underwater connectors - ATEX and IECEX certified connectors - Subsea connectors - Pressure hull penetrators - Hybrid connectors - Military (VG & MIL) connectors - Customized connectors - VG96927 approved cable harnesses - IPC / WHMA-A-620 approved staff - Fiber optic cable harnesses - Fiber optic Inspection and cleaning kits - Engineering - Sensors - Power Relays - Breakoutboxes and underwater junctionboxes - Pressure test (max. 1000 bar)
Juyoung Industrial co., Ltd. Special functional camouflage paint with chemical agent resistance. Urethane coating with high crosslinking density forms a sturdy coating film for chemical work. It is resistant to solvents and uses visible pigments and near infrared rays using special pigments. Excellent camouflage in the realm. Excellent physical and chemical resistance, showing excellent detoxifying effect during chemical warfare And military combat and combat support equipment, firepower equipment, communication equipment, maneuvering equipment, engineer equipment, Excellent performance for day and night camouflage such as special weapons.
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