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TACTICALIST The first power bank in the world made to the precise dimensions of an AR-15 rifle magazine. Designed to fit everywhere you typically carry your AR-15 magazines, the EDC MAG is rugged and made with military grade hard material. The EDC MAG utilizes a powerful 20,000mAh battery which will keep your most important devices fully charged while out on mission, while hunting, camping, or hiking in the backwoods. The EDC MAG is tough, water resistant, and dust resistant. The 10 LED indicators tell you when you are fully loaded or need to recharge. This is the must-have item for outdoor enthusiasts.
Taekyung Electronics Multi-purpose module wired/wireless drones can compensate for the shortcomings of the drone's wireless flight time limit. The concept of operation is that drones fly 24 hours a day at 100 meters above the air through power supply systems and wires mounted on military vehicles, and are converted to wireless flights if operational changes are necessary. The automatic winding/unwinding operation of the wire is performed through the winch system, and the docking system supports automatic takeoff and landing of the drone. In addition, even in rugged mountain areas, communication relay functions are provided through drones equipped with TMMR mission equipment, and images of subjects are analyzed with artificial intelligence technology and analyzed to the command center.
TBT 1. Cooled Thermal Camera Module (TCM-640 Series F#4.0 & 5.5) -Lens type : 275mm, 300mm, 420mm, 690mm,900mm 2. Uncooled Thermal Camera Module (TSM-1MT Series ) -Lens type : 9mm, 19mm, 35mm, 60mm,125mm,150mm,225mm 3. TMS-10 (Multi-sensor for short range) -Lens type : 125mm,150mm,225mm 4. TMS-20 (Multi-sensor for mid-range, long-distance) -Lens type : 275mm, 300mm, 420mm, 690mm,900mm 5. Gimbal type : TBX-10, TBX-20,TBX-25,TBX-30,TBX-35
TECHSAN ENG Co., Ltd. Baker Hughes Video Scope Inspection equipment to prevent accidents in advance by examining the inside of equipment and equipment that cannot be visually inspected through our industrial endoscope to find hazards such as cracks, corrosion and dust. Baker Hughes BIKE By approaching a location inaccessible to humans, such as size restrictions, temperature, and liquid immersion, inspect the inside of equipment and facilities to find risk factors such as cracks and corrosion to prevent accidents in advance and inspect safely without human entry into an enclosed space equipment to do Druck ADTS used to both leak test an aircraft’s pitot-static system as well as to test and verify an aircraft’s instruments by simulating the altitude and speed of aircraft while still on the flight line
THALES Anti-Submarine Warfare : New threats and the need to conduct operations in both deep and shallow waters have led to a significant shift in operational requirements. Building on solid credentials and uncomparable skills in the undersea battlespace, Thales works with individual customers to tailor its proven, interoperable solution to the specific needs of any type of surface vessel. Mine Warfare : Sea mines remain a very efficient and cost-effective mean to disrupt commercial shipping as well as to deny naval operations. They are cheap, easy to deploy, and deadly. Numbers of low-tech mines are rising, and are increasingly matched by higher-tech variants, harder to find, and often programmed to detect specific signatures or use torpedoes.
Tilon & PNCS Dstation is Korea's No. 1 desktop virtualization system developed with own technology and protocol. Dstation transforms the C4ISR system into a cloud systems, integrating all operating system, application, and user data into a data center. Authorized users can operate in the same environment by simply accessing the network from any device, anytime, anywhere. It also enables effective integrated operations through dedicated collaboration tools and video conferencing systems. For the first time in VDI, Dstation has been recognized for its strong security capabilities. Users can access multiple C4ISRs from a single device, and any hacking attack directed at them becomes meaningless. The technology of Dstation has been demonstrated by numerous organizations.
Tovnature Inc. MUMS food disposer is the core of about 12 kinds of food decomposing and extinction microorganisms based on the technology of its subsidiary SODLAB. This lactic acid bacteria-based microorganism has MSDS harmless to the human body from the Korea Safety and Health Agency, and most foods are decomposed within 24 hours. In addition, durability of more than 10 years is guaranteed through the device design of engineers from large companies, and it is characterized by the lowest maintenance cost such as electricity cost. Compared to traditional processing, the maintenance cost (lowest in Korea), safety (harmless to human body) and durability (10-year guarantee) are excellent. In particular, if you put it in One-Step without secondary processing, the processing is finished! Its simplicity.
TRINITYWING Inc. Mordenization Kit for K1A(submachine gun) and K2(rifle) to use ROK Army and Underwater Light Line
Tron Future Tech Ltd. The Ukrainian-Russian War has proven the high application value of drones, and also proven the importance of anti-drone measures. Tron Future Tech, a Taiwanese corporation, has insight into this trend and utilized cutting-edge AESA technology to develop the most advanced drone detection radar “T.Radar Pro”. T.Radar Pro is a state-of-art, software-defined, all-digital 4D AESA pulse-doppler radar. The folded and lightweight design packs powerful performance into a 15 kg check-in luggage. It can detect RCS 0.01 m^2 very small drone 5 km away. Under 90,000 USD price with this performance sets a new benchmark for the world's drone detection radar. T.Radar Pro, the world’s first foldable drone detection radar, revolutionizes and redefines radar portability.
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