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QS Co., Ltd. ·XR-based remote collaboration solution(XRQS Collaboration): A solution that enables problem solving through remote collaboration by applying technologies such as mobile and video/audio to the manufacturer when a problem occurs in the operation area of equipment ·XR-based maintenance support solution(XRQS Maintenance): A solution to efficiently support maintenance work of personnel by applying XR technology, AR recognition and matching technology, 3D modeling, S1000D standard, to overcome the limitations of paper-type technical manuals during maintenance of equipment ·XR-based training solution(XRQS Training): A solution that enables high-quality training using VR and MR, high-quality 3D modeling and user-friendly interaction technology when training equipment operation and maintenance
QUATERNION - Drone Ethernet HUB : Drone-only Ethernet hubs offer a very small size and light weight different from traditional equipment. I applied the JST connector used by Pixhawk. Up to four network devices used in drones can be connected. It is also available in a wide range of temperatures. - Mission Controller :The MC supports all open source FCs that use MAVLINK as the protocol. Because it supports the control of various gimbals and camera modules, connecting the MC between the FC and the communication module, Easy control of various mission equipment. - EO/IR Module : Quaternion EO/IR provide the low latency, fully digital video that is critical to multiple applications. Supports optical 10x zoom and thermal image digital zoom, and supports H.264, H.265 RTSP, UDP, and RTP.
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