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EBT Co., Ltd. BS-M: Portable smart air sterilizer. Cleaning/sterilizing products with a radius of 1m and 30㎥ indoors BS-100: Fixed smart air sterilizer. It can be sterilized instantly at 90 degrees 3~5 m. A product that cleans/sterilizes 60㎥ of indoors. Use of indoor/maneuvering power unit/transport vehicle/bunker, etc BS-200: Best real-time air quality measurement, pollution detection and analysis equipment. It informs 24 types of air risk using 14 sensors and AI processing. TUALAJ8300-D: GNSS anti-jamming reception pattern control antenna system. Provides a GNSS signal without radio disturbance. Works with civil and military GPS receivers for land, sea, aviation platforms and fixed facilities X system: A CBRN detection facility specialized for naval vessels and submarines. Environics launching in Oct
Echodyne Echodyne's patent-protected MESA technology creates advanced ESA radars that expand high-performance sensing into new applications and existing systems . EchoGuard is the market-leading low-SWaP ESA radar that fits in the palm of your hand, yet delivers airspace data accuracy unlike any comparable radar. EchoGuard radar is a key component of the U.S. Army's Security & Surveillance System (SSS) base protection platform and is integrated into dozens of counter-UAS systems. EchoShield is our most advanced radar, delivering <0.5° angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation. Designed for fixed or on-the-move (OTM) applications, EchoShield delivers superior sensing performance.
ECLOGENTECH co.ltd Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) Generator Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the best sterilization and deodorization solution, has a short shelf life due to its high reactivity and is difficult to transport, so it is the most economical to produce and use it on site. "Eclogen", a chlorine dioxide water manufacturing device, is a device that can stably produce chlorine dioxide water and conveniently use it for sterilization and disinfection. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) Automatic Dosing device This is a device designed and developed to conveniently use chlorine dioxide (ClO2) It uses a volume-proportional pump operated by water pressure without a power source for convenient water treatment
Eltronix 1. Rotary Joint Parts that transmit high-frequency signals without loss to a rotating antenna mounted on Detection radar and tracking radar. 2. Rolling Assembly A component that transmits high frequency signals and power signals to a rotating satellite antenna installed on a detection radar or tracking radar without loss. At this time, the power signal is a wire but no twist occurs. 3. Waveguide Components It is a part that transmits and receives high frequency signals to detection radar or tracking radar. It includes a coupler that samples high frequency signals and transmits them to the system, a load that cancels high frequency signals, and a wave guide which is used as a transmission line.
enfac S&G S.A.S is a smart air purification system for ships that can remove antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions and fine dust at once. It has completed basic design certification from the American Shipping Association,and S.A.S has an antiviral effect of 99.9%. It can be installed on the ceiling of the cabin which gives excellent space utilization, allowing people to feel comfort and stability by harmonizing with surrounding environment with its modern design.
EO STSTEM CO., LTD. Binocular Night Vision Goggle Compact Night Vision Goggle Monocular Night Vision Goggle Thermal Weapon Sight Clip-on Weapon Sight Red Dot Sight Laser Aiming Device Tactical Hand-held Enhanced Thermal Imaging System Situation Awareness System Thermal Driver Viewer Electro Optical Targeting Unit of RCWS Optical Parts
E-SONG EMC Co., Ltd. EMI shielded tent provides shielding spaces of various sizes when it is difficult to install a shield room due to space and cost issues. It is particularly useful for securing radio communications in military equipment. In addition to the room type, there is a table-mounted box type, and it is possible to manufacture in a customer-specified size. It is easy to move, assemble and disassemble, and it has excellent shielding effect as it is made of conductive fabric and double door structure. Shielding bags and pouches effectively protect small wireless communication devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart keys from hacking attacks by wireless communication while moving.
exbody Co., Ltd. 1. musculoskeletal analysis system - One-click automatic joint recognition examination - 3D simulation to explain the cause of imbalanced posture - Automatic presentation of muscle misalignment and corrective exercise - Imageand Video Before & After Comparison Function 2. MetaGym - Metaverse-based military fitness/strength measurement solution - Encourage soldiers to improve their physical strength through game and battle content 3. Foot-care solution - Foot arch measurement by 1:1 arch scan - Automatic determination of flat feet and 3D simulation ; The causes and symptoms of foot deformations are shown and the treatment effect of functional foot aids is implemented in 3D simulation - Soldier customized combat shoes insole and slippers
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