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Parkor Korea Indus Co., Ltd 1. Automatic Weather Systems, Aerodrome Meteorological Observation Systems Design customized high quality system solutions, by applying sensors that provide highly accurate and stable measurements. Our system is based on programming techniques and application of global-standard algorithms. 2. Wind Sensors These ultrasonic, acoustic resonance wind sensors, and multi sensors output accurate and stable wind measurement value. 3. WBGT(Web Blub Globe Temperature System This instrument calculates WBGT index from dry bulb and wet bulb temperature. The index is displayed on LED monitoring board.
PEACE The main products are automatic refueling tanks such as diesel refueling, gasoline refueling, and urea water refueling. Diesel refueling machines are in high demand in agriculture, fishing, and heavy equipment companies, and gasoline refueling machines are receiving a lot of interest and love in boats, marine leisure, and fishing activitiesIn the future, supply of refueling aircraft will be a must-have item for military units to improve user convenience and safety.
PLATOON PLATOON MAGAZINE , Combat handguns, Modern sniper , US Army rifle shooting field manual, Military failure story , M4 vs. AK etc.
Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. Point Blank is committed to producing the most technologically advanced protective solutions which not only offer superior protection but optimum comfort in the most challenging environments. Through the use of innovative and cutting edge technologies, coupled with unique systems integration capabilities, Point Blank is developing survivability solutions for personnel, ground vehicles, shipboard systems and aviation platforms through The Protective Group(TPG). From protecting aviators with crashworthy armor systems to lightweight torso armor, to land vehicles and protecting personnel at sea against small arms threats with robust solutions, Point Blank’s survivability systems ensure our Warfighters have the best protection possible…yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Poongsan corporation Poongsan is the sole domestic ammunition manufacturer that supplies a wide range of ammunition from small to large caliber, ranging from 5.56mm cartridges to 155mm projectiles for howitzers. Poongsan improves conventional ammunition by using its expertise and technologies on ammunition accumulated through 30 years of manufacturing.
PP-Solution Product: RTAP2U - Dual-frequency multi-GNSS receiver that achieves centimeter-level accuracy - Controllable through user-friendly interface - Compact hand-held size Size : 80 mm×69 mm×36 mm Weight : 160 g Product: RTK2U - Dual-frequency multi-GNSS receiver that achieves centimeter-level accuracy - An ultra-small size tailored for drones - Comes with a user-friendly mobile app Size : 30 mm×47.5 mm×16 mm Weight : 24 g
PRENEU 1.RUEPEL E-10 : Even under bad environments like sea, river and mountain with strong wind, limiting UAV-related services in the past, the RUEPEL ensures top quality UAV services including surveillance, patrol, transportation and more. 2.PANDION S : Compact Multi purpose UAV Pandion S is a very potable UAV system with a weight of 1.6kg, and its ultra-small EO/IR camera dedicated to Pandion S allow you to perform missions easily and quickly. 3.DRONEiT-DataLink-V2 : DRONEiT-DL is a drone-only data link that complies with domestic radio laws and transmits long-distance (up to 5km) video and data.
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