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Vallon GmbH Detectors for humanitarian demining, military demining. Ferrous locators for construction companies, NGOs and armed forces.
VICTEK Co., Ltd. ACES, which stands for 'Advanced Concept Electronic Support System', is the compact sized & light-weight electronic warfare system for small naval platform that can provides real-time detection, analysis, identification, threat warning, and protection from anti-ship missiles, radars and other hostile threats. This system is entirely designed, developed and manufactured by indigenous technology of Korean defense industry, and currently delivered and being operated by ROK Navy. Because of its compact size & light-weight, ACES is capable from fast frigate class to medium size warships, and enhances the survivability and operational efficiency of ROK forces.
VITAL PARACHUTE INC. > Military personnel parachutes: MC1-1B/C/D/E, T-10B/C/D, T-10R, MIRPS, MT-10&MT-10R > Military cargo parachutes: G-12D/E, G-14 > Military emergency parachutes: B-12/20, BA-22 > Military deceleration (drogue/drag) parachutes for F-4, F-5 aircraft > Rescue and recovery parachutes > Flare (illuminate) parachutes > Materials: fabric, cord, webbing, tape and hardware
Vorasky Inc [X-MAZE] Double quad transforming airframe enables 4 arms and 8 coaxial motors to be folded and packed in less than one minute for maximum portability while maintaining incredible flight performance such as wind resistance of continuous wind speed of 14m/s,IP43 level of water resistance,and certified operating temperature from -20°~43°. [X-CARRIER] X-Carrier has the transport ability of 30minutes of flight time with 30kg payload.X-Carrier is also capable of adaptive air transport operations by using the exclusively designed storage box and winch lowering device. [X-Cross] Long Range Intelligence and Reconnaissance Drone.Reconnaissance and intelligence missions are conducted very efficiently with least intervention of workforce with its autonomous flight control and Object Detection System.
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