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WASCO Montly Aerospace & Defense magazine Aviation Event Airplane Total Solution Consulting Service
Wooribyul.Co.,Ltd. *Advanced Precision Aerial Delivery System(APADS):APADS is autonomous aerial delivery cargo system used GPS navigation either in military operation or in natural disasters *High Speed Signal Processing Board:High-speed, advanced signal processing equipment that converts external analog signals into digital signals at high speed to extract and deliver only meaningful data *Anti Drone System:The Anti-Drone AESA Radar can detect to 13 km away. In addition, it is the FMCW-based 3D AESA Radar system to which a proprietary super-resolution algorithm is applied *RCWS:RCWS is available in either a single or dual weapon configuration, equipped with LRF and a ballistic computer for enhanced hit probability, and can be mounted on any types of vehicles. It is a reliable sol
World Together CSR With Worldtogether & Donation for Ethipian Korean-War Veterans
Wowsoft Print Chaser is an integrated print management solution that allows you to insert a watermark on the printouts from all users' PCs in the company, and store/manage the print log and original image to proactively monitor information leakage and control the usage of the printout. . In addition, through additional implementation of Paper-X, it is possible to manage the entire life-cycle of printed documents from creation to destruction by managing whether documents containing important information are actually destroyed within a specified period after use.
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