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LASHEVAN It is the underwear that is always ‘sincere’ to men, their families, and happiness. Lashevan conveys its sincerity with its strength of zero gravity and H separation that creates 33.3 degrees. One person's dream is a dream, but everyone's dream becomes a reality. More and more people are dreaming of underwear with sincerity, and the underwear that everyone dreamed about has finally become a reality. Lashevan always sincerely manufactures underwear for the health and happiness of humanity.
LEONARDO SpA Since early ‘90s, Republic of Korea operates Leonardo’s solutions in the sectors of Helicopter , Radar, Communication and in general surveillance systems for avionics and naval application. At Defence Expo Korea Leonardo is bringing some systems, leveraging on its long experience in providing advanced tailor-made solutions to its customers spanning from single equipment to integrated systems and platforms. Security is key for Leonardo, and its portfolio includes RAT 31 3D surveillance radars, designed to operate within modern military air defence systems, products for the protection of air platform such as Miysis DIRCM (Directed InfraRed CounterMeasure) and BriteCloud countermeasure, uncrewed rotary-winged platforms such as AWHero and defence and electronics for land platforms.
LIG Nex1 Total Defense Solutions
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