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ICEYE PIONEERING NEW SPACE ICEYE SAR satellites are purpose-built to be smaller, more affordable and more flexible than legacy systems, giving governments and organizations the opportunity to own their own fleets. Our satellites are highly agile, enable near real-time data delivery, and can be launch-ready very quickly. And we offer full launch services, training and support, plus access to additional data from our own constellation. ICEYE is the only organization in the world today able to deliver this groundbreaking and proven capability. In addition, ICEYE's SAR technology enables a new way to understand Earth. ICEYE's large constellation of new space satellites unlocks new access to valuable data on any location on Earth, day and night, through the clouds, and multiple times per day.
ICS Technologies S.r.l. X-EOFCS is the Electro-Optical Fire Control System suitable for weapons up to 127 mm calibre. XRAD-HEDGE is a compact and lightweight equipment designed for military navigation application systems. ESPY series optronic system is the ICS's gimbal-designed optical directors' line of products, providing superior stabilization and optical performances when safety and effectiveness cannot be negotiated. X-BORESIGHT suite feature the line-of-sight/line-of-fire automatic collimation between gun physical aiming and onbard Fire Control Designation System. XRAD-OCEANGARD series coastal surveillance radar system is ICS's last generation all-in-one upmast embedded full coherent X-band solid-state radar, featuring an outstanding target detection and best descrimination despite weather conditions.
IL SHIN EDI Co., Ltd It is an integrated wireless system that accommodates the disaster network(700MHz LTE) and commercial network 5G(3.5GHz), Private 5G(4.7GHz) Wi-Fi(2.4GHz, 5GHz).? · Multi-functional equipment capable of PS-LTE service + high-speed multimedia service? · Accommodating e-Um 5G (4.7GHz) signals · Consists of Core system and Broadband Access Network
Institute of Civil-Military Technology Cooperation The program mainly focuses on dual-use technology development(Spin-up) and technology transfer between civil and military sectors(Spin-on/off).
INTEROCEAN Co.,Ltd. The dry suit and wet suit manufactured in Korea with pure domestic technology by importing and manufacturing the world's best raw and subsidiary materials guarantees the best quality, comfort, and qickly servicing. It is a product that maximizes only the advantages while eliminating all the disadvantages of suit that were highly dependent on foreign countries.
INTOSKY INTOSKY is the only company in the country that manufactures and mass-produces drones, with a market share of about 20% in the domestic agricultural drone market. Based on highly complete agricultural drone products, the market share will be further expanded through the self-avoidance flight technology and the cadastral map automatic control system, which are the technologies possessed. In addition, with the development of special purpose drones based on the technology possessed, active activities are being carried out as fire-fighting drones, which are currently in the public market. We will focus on product development to compete with China DJI, which occupies the top market share in the world
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