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S.K.Technology Inc. Extendable Mobile Medical Hospital Shelter is easy to transport, quick to install, and flexible in design for rapid response to every medical need at the site of the disaster. Speed : Quick move and installation under Emergency situation. Efficiency : Maximize space by utilizing hydraulic extension system. Convenience : Internal structure specially designed for operator and patient. Compatibility : High compatibility with existing facilities including trailer and medical equipment.
Saab ...
SAFRAN Electronics & Defense o Target measuring equipment: Artillery and special forces equipment, providing true north direction, and measuring accurate coordinates and distances of targets - STERNA, Moskito-TI, Gim-Compact, PLRF, etc o Inertial navigation equipment(INS): INS provides accurate location and navigation information in the GNSS denied environment, and that is mounted on artillery equipment (various artillery and mortar) to provide accurate shooting -Geonyx o EOIR: FLIR which is mounted in helicopters to identify targets and provide TV/infrared images - Euro FLIR 410
SamTra International 1. AXON CABLE S.A.S (France) - Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies - 50GHz, Lightweight - Flexforce(Flexible) Power cables, Connectors & Assemblies - Space(satellite) Wires & Cables [ESA wires, power busbar, 1553 bus] - Light weight aluminum wires & Cables 2. ODU GmbH & Co. KG(Germany) - High Speed & High Density Circular push-pull connectors 3. AirBorn, Inc.(USA) - R series(75 mils pitch), W series(100 mils=2.54mm pitch) - Stackable / High Speed & Signal Integrity connectors - Micro & Nano connectors 4. Optical Fiber Packaging Ltd(UK) - Glass-to-metal Sealed Electrical Hermetic Connectors
SANJU OPTICAL - SM30 (8x30)/SM28(8x28) The SM30(8x30)/SM28(8x28) product is a binoculars developed for the stable operation and maintenance of binoculars used in various environments and purposes during military and police operations. It is the most important function is the Autofocus setting which is a very easy and quick observation of the target. The user does not need any operation even if they wear glasses wear or not. Its main functions are impact, waterproof, heat, cold, anti-fogging. It is easy to see the distance and the object size can be calculated, it is the military purpose or police binoculars. 100% Waterproof (Nigtrogen gas filled) With stand -45℃ ~ 50℃ Weight : 700g (with strap) - SM30(8x30) / 450g (with strap) - SM28(8x28) - 7x28 Individual eyepiece focusing Meets all Mil Spec.
SBB Tech / KPF KPF Fasteners have a know-how for high-tech fasteners with experiences since founded in 1963. Having fasteners by hot-forged and cold-forged methods, we manufacture a wide range of size and spec customers required. Our fasteners are engaged in construction, petro-chemical plant, heavy equipment and wind power. SBB Co, Ltd will be contributing to all industries requiring new technologies such as factory automation, cooperative robots, super precision control decelerator, semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, Physics and chemical equipment, aerospace and weapon.
Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG Therefore Schmidt & Bender is one of the world‘s leading riflescope manufacturers who is particularly appreciated by Special Forces. In constant dialogue with the customers new products are developed and optimized like the 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short for a better usage with in front mounted night vision systems. This riflescope will also be used by the US Army for their CSASS program. Another success of the recent past was winning the Bundeswehr tender “patrol configuration G28, part optics” with the 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC which is in service since 2019.
SDT Space & Defence Technologies Inc. -Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) -Airborne Computer System -ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEMS -Communication and Radar Threat Simulator (SIGINT) -Manpack Jammer Systems -F -16 Combat Training Pod (ACMI POD System) -Fixed and Portable DF Systems (miniCOMINT) -RF Signal Analysis System (ELINT) -Video Encoding Unit (VEU)
SEC X-rays are used throughout the production site for quick and accurate quality inspections. For non-destructive testing, the radioactive materials and radiation generators are used to generate X-rays. And for a long time throughout the industry, radiation generators have been applied that can control radiation safely depending on the presence or absence of a power source. In the radiation-based non-destructive testing, the limit of the object that can be inspected is determined according to the energy. While the existing kV-class radiation generators inspected small parts of automobiles, components of mobile phone, semiconductors, and boards, MV-class radiation generators can inspect cars, ships, aero-engines, missiles, rockets, and tens of tons of containers at once.
SEGI SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. Electric tableware sterilizer: It is a product that utilizes the patented principle of discharging saturated steam. It is a product that sterilizes and dries washed dishes or dishes using electricity with high-temperature hot air. Compared to conventional products, the drying time has been shortened by almost 3 times. Military boots sterilization and drying sterilizer: A product that sterilizes and dries athlete's foot in military boots, sports shoes, and indoor shoes using UVC lamps and at the same time, it is a product that can manage shoes hygienically. Tornado Waterjet: It is a evaporative cooling system using water in places where it is difficult to cool the air conditioner in the hot summer. It is installed in sports facilities, rest rooms, and guards.
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