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Optisys Optisys designs include single-band parabolic antennas, passive or active low-profile arrays, and multi-band solutions - including filters, diplexers, switches, and tracking networks. The antenna systems are designed for the defense and space industries.
Orbit Communication Systems The MPT30, an Airborne VSAT for Mission, delivers high-quality broadband communications via satellite across various airborne platforms. The 30- to 90-cm circular antenna terminals supporting Ku or Ka bands, provide a comprehensive aerial coverage suited to Orbit's customers' needs, and outstanding RF performance and dynamic response under the harshest environmental conditions. It meets the critical, high-speed communications needs of ISR platforms, mission aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and helicopters, etc. Global removable BLoS airborne Satcom, designed as a complete and customizable upgrade to provide a multi-functional and high-throughput capability to work with Ku-band solutions for transmitting voice and data for Roll-On / Roll-Off C-130 airborne applications.
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