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BAE Systems Land, Sea, Air & Cyber.
BAROTECH SYNERGY 1. Cheonma combat simulator for training : It is a product developed by localizing the 'Cheonma Training Combat Simulator', a training equipment to learn the operation method of the short-range surface-to-air guided weapon Cheonma. It consists of a conductor trainer, an operator trainer, and a training controller. 2. Wing Suit Simulator : The virtual reality (VR)-based wingsuit simulator enables various experiences such as airplanes and extreme sports. Air resistance is felt through the blower and windshield suit, and the servo-assisted motion system provides dramatic movement.
BLUEWAVETEL Blade Antenna: Produced and supplied to the ROKAF, Antenna for data communication for UAVs GNSS Antenna : GPS Antenna for Location of Mobile Objects, Receives Other Satellite Signals in preparation for GPS Disturbance Propagation Wraparound antenna: Satellite and ground-connected antenna and RF, satellite-oriented tracked antenna (X-Band, S-Band, Ku, K, Ka band), 1.5 GHz band antenna test successful
BOLYUNG ENGINEERING ● Gun Barrel Automatic Cleaner (K-CLEANER) There is no need for a separate source of power because the DC24V from the tram is powered. The wheels attached to the main body facilitate movement inside the gun barrel and automatically reciprocate forward and backward as the sensor operates The automatic oil injection system is built in to automatically inject strong oil and allow cleaning. You can repeat certain sections to allow intensive cleaning. It can be operated by one person. It is convenient to use, and the cleaning maintenance cost is low, and there is no balance.
BONTECH CO.,LTD. We are launching three product groups in consideration of users' various conditions and operating environments. - "Mercury", a portable equipment suitable for operational environments requiring emergency dispatch due to its excellent portability and ease of use - All-in-One equipment "Europa" suitable for conducting operations in various environments - Professional equipment "Titan" that enables clearer analysis with high-resolution large display and advanced technology
BOSTECH Designer: Dell Technologies Project country: United States of America Project website: https://content.hmxmedia.com/latitude-7330-rugged-extreme/index.html Why would you need a laptop built for the toughest environment? Those with demanding jobs in challenging conditions such as first responders no longer have to worry about breaking their laptops in the field. Designed for mobility and durability, this laptop can handle various types of hazardous conditions from extended temperature ranges to various altitudes.
Bunhan Fuel Cell Co.,Ltd. Bumhan Fuel Cell's main business can be divided into 1) Submarine fuel cell 2) Building fuel cell 3) Hydrogen charging station. In 2015, through the acquisition of GS Caltex’s military fuel cell business, in 2018, it was equipped with the world’s second submarine fuel cell module, Based on technology, Bumhan entered the building fuel cell business in 2018 and the hydrogen charging station business in 2019.
CARBONHEXA CORPORATION CarbonHexa is the world's first company developed the TLP method, which is a composites submerged method, and is the only company with the technology that can mold and manufacture composites completely and quickly by the TLP solution. I would like to introduce carbon bulletproof board that passed the NIJ LV4 test and the carbon bulletproof helmet to be submitted for the lightweight bulletproof helmet project promoted by the Army. Using the characteristics of 4 times lighter than iron and 10 times stronger than iron, we introduce excellent products with less post-transformation, strong corrosion resistance, and shock absorption. Thank you.
Carima Co., Ltd. The CARIMA DM400 designated as the K-Innovative Product by the Public Procurement Service of Korea is the world’s first large build volume(40x33x50cm) and industrial DLP 3D printer designed to boasts an ultra-printing speed and high precision, plus some unique features not found on most other industrial resin printers. The patented S-BAT allows the machine to flash an image of the entire layer from end to end of the build plate without any loss or overlapped image. This means the machine provides the same amount of light intensity in/outside of an image of a layer. Another advantage the machine offers is the high material compatibility. High elastomeric materials like the rubber can be easily used so the user is free to use his material of choice without being restrained machine wise.
CBOL Corporation CBOL provides comprehensive Aerospace/Defense products. 1) Electronic Components(RF wire & cable assy., Connector, IC, Capacitor, Resistor, Diode, Transistor, Filter), 2) Raw Materials(Hard to find Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum Alloys), 3) Consumable Chemicals(Adhesive, Cleaning Agents, Coating, Tapes, Degreasers, Solvent & Oils), 4) Hardware(Bolt, Nut, and various types of Fasteners)
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