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enfac S&G S.A.S is a smart air purification system for ships that can remove antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions and fine dust at once. It has completed basic design certification from the American Shipping Association,and S.A.S has an antiviral effect of 99.9%. It can be installed on the ceiling of the cabin which gives excellent space utilization, allowing people to feel comfort and stability by harmonizing with surrounding environment with its modern design.
EO STSTEM CO., LTD. Binocular Night Vision Goggle Compact Night Vision Goggle Monocular Night Vision Goggle Thermal Weapon Sight Clip-on Weapon Sight Red Dot Sight Laser Aiming Device Tactical Hand-held Enhanced Thermal Imaging System Situation Awareness System Thermal Driver Viewer Electro Optical Targeting Unit of RCWS Optical Parts
E-SONG EMC Co., Ltd. EMI shielded tent provides shielding spaces of various sizes when it is difficult to install a shield room due to space and cost issues. It is particularly useful for securing radio communications in military equipment. In addition to the room type, there is a table-mounted box type, and it is possible to manufacture in a customer-specified size. It is easy to move, assemble and disassemble, and it has excellent shielding effect as it is made of conductive fabric and double door structure. Shielding bags and pouches effectively protect small wireless communication devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart keys from hacking attacks by wireless communication while moving.
exbody Co., Ltd. 1. musculoskeletal analysis system - One-click automatic joint recognition examination - 3D simulation to explain the cause of imbalanced posture - Automatic presentation of muscle misalignment and corrective exercise - Imageand Video Before & After Comparison Function 2. MetaGym - Metaverse-based military fitness/strength measurement solution - Encourage soldiers to improve their physical strength through game and battle content 3. Foot-care solution - Foot arch measurement by 1:1 arch scan - Automatic determination of flat feet and 3D simulation ; The causes and symptoms of foot deformations are shown and the treatment effect of functional foot aids is implemented in 3D simulation - Soldier customized combat shoes insole and slippers
F1WORKS MPU5, Wireless network solution for visibilization of Battlefield of Persistent System NEON PT-MIL, anti-jamming GPS terminal of TRX SYSTEMS Location system of goTenna NERV SMART POWER SYSTME, Power management system of Galvion Hearing protection system, headset and ear set of Invisio Red dot sight, Magnifier, Aiming laser and Reflex open sight for pistol etc. of Holosun Scope, LVPO, Spotting scope, laser range finder of Vortex Flow through suppressor of OSS(HUXWRX) High lumen tactical weapon light for Streamlight Ballistic helmet of Galvion Clip on thermal device for NVG of Safran Optic 1 Level III duty holster for Alien gear Non-lithel weapon, Bynar SD Red dot sight, magnifier and aiming laser of Invictus.
FARO Korea 1.FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner Fast, accurate and complete measurements of complex objects and buildings 2.FARO Focus Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner Fast, easy, large-area as-built capturing 3. FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner Fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with real-time display 4.ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper Fast, accurate capture of any 2D, as-built floor plan
Farymann&TZEN Mini Horizontal Diesel Engine Our Engine can apply not only to a wide range of equipment such as pumps, construction machinery, and vibration compressors, but also to various fields such as trucks, special vehicles, and marine engines, and its height is lower than other products, making it very easy to install in a narrow space. Auxiliary Power Units Our APU that can be used in military, commercial vehicles and special applications (e.g. communication devices), consisting of an engine, PMG, cooling fan, control unit and control remote panel. It is possible to design and manufacture according to the space by customer customization, and it is possible to solve the insufficient electric output by expanding the application of heating and cooling facilities and electronic systems.
FIBERPRO,Inc. FIBERPRO IMU, a fiber optic-based Inertial Measurement Unit, is small, and lightweight while offering the highest performance to price ratio of its kind. It provides inertial data of incremental velocity and angular rate through digital format.It is environmentally sealed and contains no moving parts ensuring low noise and grants the product an extended life time with one of the lowest operating cost in the market. Additionally, its low operating voltage and low power consumption provide one of the lowest ownership costs. Customization available upon request.
FIRSTEC CO., LTD. - v-tol : It is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of automatic vertical take-off and landing that implements low-speed mode, high-speed mode, and hovering mode with a tilt duct type. - Remo-M : It is a product made by improving the unmanned aerial vehicle used in the army battalion level as a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The operating time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the operating distance is 10 km, and it can perform day/night surveillance and reconnaissance missions. - Remocopter-850 : It is a multicopter drone that can fly automatically with a rotary wing drone and is used for close monitoring and relaying of major facilities. - USV : It is an unmanned surveying probe that can measure water depth, water quality, and temperature in rivers and reservoirs.
FOSTEC Inc. 1.Expanded Beam Patch Cord :It is a non-contact optical connector that is convenient for tactical operation and maintenance. It is an optical patch cord designed to enable smooth communication even in harsh outdoor conditions or extreme weather/environments, with excellent waterproof/dustproof properties (IP67) and strong vibration and external impact. 2.CABLE REEL 3.Portable Optical Measuring Instrument Set 4.Fusion Splicer FS-17S :It is a compact sizse optical fusion splicer that can be carried with lightly with one hand. It is a 4 motor cladding to cladding connection type product. It takes 7secs for connection time and18 secs for sleeve heating, it increase user's work effeciency and can be used in SM or MM. It has a 4.3 inch touch screen
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