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HUVIS CORPORATION THE World’s No.1 Fiber: Low Melting Fiber-Eco-friendly bonding fiber, Conjugate-fiber for stuffing, Purever-fiber for sanitizers Environment Friendly Materials : Ecoever-Fiber made from recycled PET bottles, Ecoen-Biodegradable PET fiber, Memory-Eco-Shape memory fiber Super Fiber: ZetaOne-PPS Fiber market share, MetaOne-Korea’s first meta-aramid, DURARON-High performance polyethylene fiber for cut resistant glove Differentiated Fiber: CEY-A conjugate yarn combining stretch and emotion, SPN-Low deniar split type microfiber, Romela-Low temperature thermal bonding material, Duraron cool-Cool touch PE fiber Industrial Materials: TRIRON-Filament fibers for industrial materials ‘High tenacity yarn’ Materials for Household Items: Purever Mask, ECOPET-Eco-friendly food packaging material, Feeliv
Hyundai Rotem Company With technical expertise and experience acquired by supplying main battle tank and combat armored vechicle to Korean army, we are now putting our effort for future defense technology. We have been extremly dedicated to improve and develop optimized solutions for future battlefield enviornment effected by 4th industial revolution. Our core technologies, such as AI, autonomous driving, and unmanned technology, have been co-developed with Hyundai Motor Group to provide proven quality of solutions. Based on our cutting-edge technology, we have successfully developed multi-purpose unmanned vehicle. Hyundai Rotem is ready to secure and support you by our up-to-date weapons for your needs.
HYUNDAI WIA As the only artillery-specialized manufacturer in Korea, HYUNDAI WIA is recognized for its outstanding quality and reliability. HYUNDAI WIA, a manufacturer of large-caliber artillery weapons, produces various ground weapon systems including K9 self-propelling artillery that represents Korean military technology, based on ultra-precision processing technologies and high reliability for quality. With its cutting-edge unmanned and automated weapons systems, Hyundai WIA upgraded the level of defense industry system. HYUNDAI WIA is realizing cutting-edge future weapons system, previously only imagined, into the world. We will continue our efforts to preserve the ultimate values of the humanity using our world-class technological capabilities.
Hyungjae Partner co., ltd the electric vehicle dashboard was manufactured by injection molding after manufacturing CNF , extracted from rice husks and arrowroot fibers, composite polypropylene pellets . In addition , the front cover , grill, bumper , skirt, and loop parts were made into parts through a fiber-reinforced composite (FRP ) manufacturing process after manufacturing the CNF prepreg. n particular, FRP parts boast an equivalent level of weight reduction compared to conventional vacuum -formed plastic parts commonly used in ultra-small electric vehicles. It was confirmed that the strength is 1.8 times stronger than that of existing plastic parts , so the reinforcement effect is excellent.
HYUNWOO E&S CO., LTD. Easily and cost-effectively repair damaged machines and industrial equipment in the field through wear, corrosion, and corrosion, Belzona has proven its excellent performance and continues to grow significantly, especially in defense industries that require rapid and accurate repair and maintenance. It has excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance, and also has excellent heat resistance and adhesion. As a non-solvent type, it is harmless to the human body, there is no risk of gas generation or explosion, and it has a large number of construction cases.
ICEYE PIONEERING NEW SPACE ICEYE SAR satellites are purpose-built to be smaller, more affordable and more flexible than legacy systems, giving governments and organizations the opportunity to own their own fleets. Our satellites are highly agile, enable near real-time data delivery, and can be launch-ready very quickly. And we offer full launch services, training and support, plus access to additional data from our own constellation. ICEYE is the only organization in the world today able to deliver this groundbreaking and proven capability. In addition, ICEYE's SAR technology enables a new way to understand Earth. ICEYE's large constellation of new space satellites unlocks new access to valuable data on any location on Earth, day and night, through the clouds, and multiple times per day.
ICS Technologies S.r.l. X-EOFCS is the Electro-Optical Fire Control System suitable for weapons up to 127 mm calibre. XRAD-HEDGE is a compact and lightweight equipment designed for military navigation application systems. ESPY series optronic system is the ICS's gimbal-designed optical directors' line of products, providing superior stabilization and optical performances when safety and effectiveness cannot be negotiated. X-BORESIGHT suite feature the line-of-sight/line-of-fire automatic collimation between gun physical aiming and onbard Fire Control Designation System. XRAD-OCEANGARD series coastal surveillance radar system is ICS's last generation all-in-one upmast embedded full coherent X-band solid-state radar, featuring an outstanding target detection and best descrimination despite weather conditions.
IL SHIN EDI Co., Ltd It is an integrated wireless system that accommodates the disaster network(700MHz LTE) and commercial network 5G(3.5GHz), Private 5G(4.7GHz) Wi-Fi(2.4GHz, 5GHz).? · Multi-functional equipment capable of PS-LTE service + high-speed multimedia service? · Accommodating e-Um 5G (4.7GHz) signals · Consists of Core system and Broadband Access Network
Institute of Civil-Military Technology Cooperation The program mainly focuses on dual-use technology development(Spin-up) and technology transfer between civil and military sectors(Spin-on/off).
INTEROCEAN Co.,Ltd. The dry suit and wet suit manufactured in Korea with pure domestic technology by importing and manufacturing the world's best raw and subsidiary materials guarantees the best quality, comfort, and qickly servicing. It is a product that maximizes only the advantages while eliminating all the disadvantages of suit that were highly dependent on foreign countries.
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