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Naviworks VTB-X - An immersive training service platform based on the five senses that configures modular software and hardware such as Lego blocks to suit the training situation - Create AI training scenarios, conduct XR-based training, automate after-action review and provide analysis - Korea's leading virtual training platform capable of national defense, public, special operations etc. Direct C4I - The digital cutting-edge display platform for tactical screens and situation maps. - Provides components for situation map development applicable to real-time combat systems, GIS-based situation control, integrated tactical information management, weapon system SW, 2D/3D situation map, and map data streaming service - easy integration, development period reduced and cost-effective
Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security (NIDV) The NIDV regularly organizes meetings and webinars and events. We enable procurement agencies, (foreign) governments, and international partners to a platform where they can explain new and ongoing projects, developments, business, and network opportunities. At annual NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS) with respresentatives and companies from the Netherlands and abroad. The event is a unique meeting place for government, knowledge institutions, and the business sector, where space is also made available for young, innovative companies. The NIDV also strives to raises the profile of Dutch companies internationally by participating in public-private partnership programs like the PIB initiative to help Dutch companies realise their international ambitions.
NEXREAL, Inc. [Product #1 : AI Video Analysis S/W for GPU Server(Vision AI@Server)] Vision AI@Server is an intelligent video analysis software incorporating Nexreal's computer vision (video analysis, machine learning, deep learning) technology. It operates based on Windows MFC or Linux in the NVIDIA GPU environment and processes up to 16 channels in real time, and supports RGB/SWIR/LWIR video processing. [Product #2 : AI Video Analysis Edge Box(Vision AI@Edge)] Vision AI@Edge is a product to which Nexreal's embedded Vision AI platform technology is applied. It receives RTSP or HDMI(or Analog) video streams, performs AI tasks such as AI-based object detection, tracking, and identification, and transmits metadata, with original image or video, to a cloud server.
NINANO COMPANY The unmanned aerial vehicle-based combat support system is a system composed of a plurality of fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, and a mobile or fixed ground control station. Using a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle capable of long flight, it performs surveillance and reconnaissance missions within a range of 30 km to identify the enemy's location, and uses an offensive drone to drop bombs or perform a direct strike attack. Supports rapid air replenishment through logistics munitions transport when necessary. Based on automatic flight and high mobility that can be supported by a single vehicle, it is possible to minimize operational manpower, time, and cost and maximize mission performance capability.
Nurion - Maneuvering video transmission equipment 1. Establishment of cryptographic transmission and reception system for video, voice, and GPS information considering various field situations 2. Establish a system that allows you to choose one-way or two-way communication based on your operational situation 3. Send and receive KCMVP encryption between the site and the command and control office - Drone, Base Boundary Robot 1. Location tracking equipment 2. Record and transmit real-time flight information 3. Check service history using location information 4. More than happens during a flight situation and coordination, information analysis 5. Final position according to the crash during the flight and emergency transfer position Protection of information not classified as confidential
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