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Wowsoft Print Chaser is an integrated print management solution that allows you to insert a watermark on the printouts from all users' PCs in the company, and store/manage the print log and original image to proactively monitor information leakage and control the usage of the printout. . In addition, through additional implementation of Paper-X, it is possible to manage the entire life-cycle of printed documents from creation to destruction by managing whether documents containing important information are actually destroyed within a specified period after use.
YEONHAB PRECISION CO., LTD. Qualified Product List QPL certification is a system in which the US government guarantees the quality only for products that have passed strict local company inspections made of 150 tests and verifications under the supervision of the US government. Optical Fiber Connectors This is a connector for long-distance transmission of optical signals and power signals. Slip Ring This is a core part which enables the incesssant signal transmission even when the componets of weapons sysstem such as radar, tank, turret of self-propelled artillery, helicopter rotor and remotely controlled armed RCWS and optical search device (for example: turret and body) make 360 degree rotation without stop.
YOU IL PRECISION YOU IL Precision Co., Ltd. manufactures cylinder heads and custom-made precision machining products that are assembled into horizontal engines. The cylinder head is a precision module that is assembled into a engine and plays a role in reducing the amount of heat generated inside the combustion chamber when the engine is operating. Depending on the cooling performance of this product, it may have a direct impact on engine durability. In addition, we are also manufacturing electronic equipment, exterior and control hydraulic systems for the defense industry (K55, K9, K21, K2, etc.), and control, hydraulic systems and fixtures for the aviation industry (KUH, T-50, KSLV).
YoungPoong Electronics Co., Ltd - ISI: Equipment that provides convenience to pilots by integrating flight data like aircraft attitude data, velocity and etc. - OUROS : Combined navigation system with satellite and inertial navigation system - Fusion System - 360 degree situation awareness system: Provides information to driver to recognize driving information and surrounding conditions during the day/night inside the combat vehicle for driving - Missile Actuator : Fin/canards drive system including control function, that adjusts and controls the flight attitude during the flight of the missile - Network Switch : Relay support equipment that enables the transmission of signals and battlefield information between aircraft (vehicles) during formation flight (driving)
4DREAM Co.,Ltd 1. Multi-purpose tandem helicopter electrification - Electricization of tandem helicopters for both civil and military use as a means of military air transportation - Aircraft safety and environmental analysis service support using LCA data platform 2. Construction and operation of multi-purpose floating vertical port - Providing various services through a multi-purpose floating vertical port construction, charging and data life cycle (data collection, storage, processing, analysis) support platform - Application of automation system for piloting ability and take-off and landing environment level evaluation for specialized flight management
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