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Genmix Technology Co. Ltd. Block-up Converter,Block-down Converter, SSPA, Oscillator / Synthesizer, Transceiver module (TRM), Filter (for L-Band, S-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band), Combiner
Ghost Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. Vision 60® Q-UGV® (5th generation) is a medium-sized ground drone with high durability, agility, and strong dust and waterproof (IP67) performance. It can be used for disasters, disasters, and general corporate use. Although it's still early days for legged robots, the Ghost Q-UGV is designed to quickly adapt to new environments with a proprietary blind-mode control core that mimics how mammals behave in a variety of urban and natural environments. Even if the environment is completely unknown, or the vision sensor degrades or fails, if the legged robot fails, slips or falls, it gets back up and keeps moving.
Glenair Korea - Aerospacae related project connector and cable assemblies_(KF-X, LAH, KUH, UAV etc) - Missile related project connector and cable assemblies_(M-SAM, L-SAM, RAYBOLT, LOGIR etc) - Marine related project connector and cable assemblies_(KDX, FFX, Submarine etc) - Space related project connector and cable assemblies_(Kompsat, KSLV, SAR etc) - Industry related project connector and cable assemblies_(Metro, Rail, PIG etc)
Global Data Link System, Inc Intelligent coastal surveillance integration system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that works with various surveillance equipment (video equipment, signal equipment) and control system
Green Optics Co., Ltd. Seeker missile dome, STD-ZnS, MS-ZnS, lightweight off-axial aspheric mirror 0.5M class search telescope
HALDER ROEMHELD KOREA LTD. - Halder ball lock pins and aviation pins are used for fastening between parts and fixing products among defense parts. Currently, it is installed and used in naval aircraft, machine guns, and anti-aircraft guns. - Halder spring plungers can be used in all parts necessary for positioning and have various sizes and materials. - Halder manual jigs guarantee very high working efficiency in the working environment where hydraulic pressure is not used. - Halder hammer has various options such as non-reciprocating and assembleable inserts, and it protects the user and the mother material during work.
Hancom Lifecare Hancom LifeCare is showcasing defense equipment based on the latest technology, including Total Live Training Systems, next-generation gas masks, ICT converged SCBA, chemical protective suit, body armor, and portable chemical agent detectors.
HANCOM NFLUX Our main products are Intelligent Data Integration Platform, Multi Gas Grabber and AI Solutions(LiDAR Analysis SW, BI Tool). In particular, We provide Defence-related products such as Decision Support System for military commanders based on Intelligent Data Integration Platform, Unit Risk management System to cope with CBR (chemical, biological, and radiological) and other threats based on Multi Gas Grabber, Smart Landmine Detection System with detection algorithms, LiDAR to strengthen the guard of units.
HANKUK FIBER AM(Rolling Airframe Missile) Launch Tube VAPOR 35 Integrated small air vehicle Next Corps UAV Airframe Structure Raybolt Launch Tube Raybolt Composite Housing Composite housing and Radome of 3D Surveillance Radar for FFX Composite housing and Radome of Weapon Locating Ra Large Cylinder Shape Lattice Structure Guided Weapon Radome( Dome / Cone / Vonkarman) Milltary Satellite Communication System-II, Shipboard Radome/Pedestal Cheiron(Combusion-tube & Nozzle) Circular Needle Punching Preform K-SAM Pegasus(Nozzle) Anti-ship Cruise Missile(HAESEONG) AT-1K Raybolt(Nozzle)
Hanlym Puritech Co,.ltd Range. Robustness. Throughput. Other communications manufacturers can check one or two of these boxes. Silvus Technologies consistently delivers all three. Increasingly challenging real-world usage requirements are driving the need for long-range, mobile and non-line of-sight communications that can transmit a greater volume of HD video, voice and telemetry data than ever before. Silvus’ MN-MIMO wireless technology is the answer. In 2011, 7 years of R&D culminated in the release of the world’s first ever tactical MIMO radio. As our technology continues to evolve, we are not just developing smarter products ? we are transitioning communications breakthroughs into cutting-edge systems for the benefit of government and commercial users alike.
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